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If the Château of Villiers-le-Mahieu looks like a Middle-Age fortress this is because it was built in 1642 on the remains of a 13th century castle. Its many turrets and moat give this lovely château a particularly medieval air.
A number of documents detailing gifts to abbeys make it possible to trace the history of the MAIZELAN family as far as the 14th century. In the Middle Ages, Hugues de MAIZELAN was Lord of Villiers-le-Mahieu. In 1240 Pierre de MAIZELAN, a knight of the realm, was summoned to Chinon to fight alongside his King, Saint Louis.

In 1360, as a result of the treaty of Brétigny, Lord de MAIZELN was one of the hostages sent to the King of England to guarantee the surrender of the Count De Montfort. Not far from Villiers-le-Mahieu, the fief of Launay belonged at this time to the MESNIL-SIMON family.

During the 15th century the seigneuries of both Villiers and Launay were in the hands of the MESNIL-SIMON family. As late as 1556 there are documents showing Lord Charles de MESNIL-SIMON claiming ownership of the seigneuries of Villiers, Launay and even Autouillet.

It is only in the 17th century that we have evidence of the owner of the lands of Villiers-le-Mahieu being one Claude de BULLION, Garde des Sceaux then Surintendant des Finances in the reign of Louis XIII. Of his three sons it was Claude, Marquis of ATTILLY who inherited Villiers-le-Mahieu and built the château in 1642.

Twenty years later, at the inauguration of the Château chapel bells, the register of names includes that of my Lord Philippe of CUISY, Equerry and Secretary to King Louis XIV and a member of the Fermiers Généraux, as the one and only Lord of Villiers-le-Mahieu. Just before the French Revolution, the château passed into the hands of one Nicolas de la HAYE, Conseiller du Roy and Lord of several fiefs, including Villiers-le-Mahieu. Later Baron CARUEL de SAINT-MARTIN, a deputy under the Second Empire, became its owner.

In 1919, the château was bought by Doctor VELTER who farmed the 150 hectare estate that surrounds it. In 1965, Count Charles of ROHAN-CHABOT undertook extensive restoration work that lasted until 1970 and resulted in the château that we see today. The well-known artist, Bernard BUFFET, lived in the magnificently restored château from 1971 to 1979.

In 1980, Jean-Luc CHAUFOUR acquired the Château of Villiers-le-Mahieu so conveniently located to the west of Paris. He undertook major internal and external restorations to adapt this medieval site to 20th century demands and to convert it into a prestigious château-hotel.

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